GOTG Favorites: Brunch


    New series by Girls on the Grid where we give shout out’s to our favorite [INSERT CATEGORY] around Sacramento. We love to support our local entrepreneurs and businesses. Please feel free to leave your recommendations or suggest categories by leaving a comment below!

    brunchAimee – I love Tower Cafe’s (1518 Broadway) brunch and patio. Not only does it have an eggs-ellent menu and a killer Caesar salad (my kryptonite), it offers the best brunch entertainment: people watching. Prepare to wait at least a few minutes or if the line is too long you can always walk 2 blocks to Iron Steaks, as I did one packed Saturday. I was lured away from Tower by a sign touting Great Brunch No Wait and it did not disappoint!

    Alanna – Definitely INK Drinks and Eats (2730 J Street). The fried egg sliders are delish AND Saturday and Sunday = bottomless Mimosas. I don’t think I need to say any more.

    Amelia: My old standby for brunch when the weather is nice is the patio of Tower Cafe (1518 Broadway).  The menu is varied enough from big yummy omelets to “global-themed” salads and sandwiches. The patio is the key place with its jungle-like atmosphere as you sit surrounded by all kinds of exotic plants and flowers.  And, it’s a central enough location for my husband and I to ride our bikes from Midtown and feel like we got just enough of a workout to warrant their custard-y French toast!

    Amy – Not exactly on the Grid but the brunch at Dad’s Kitchen (2968 Freeport Blvd)  in Land Park is the best. They have phenomenal breakfast sandwiches I can’t get enough of. When the weather is good, sit on the patio.  If the wait at Dad’s is too long, walk up the street to the brunch at Taylor’s. Although all the dishes are a little richer than I like to eat, they’re delicious and worth every calorie. Their Portugese donuts and breakfast pizza are particularly fantastic.

    Ashley R. – I’m a big fan of Hook & Ladder’s (1630 S Street) brunch menu because it includes lunch-like options. I don’t like eggs, or pancakes, or waffles, or anything real breakfasty, so it’s nice to go somewhere that is looking out for characters like me. Also, they have a lovely brunch cocktail menu to shake that hair of the dog. Another fave is Taylor’s Kitchen. They often have special crepes on their menu, and they are delicious.

    Chantel – I swear by the biscuits and gravy at The Shady Lady (1409 R Street).  Perfect combo of salty and sweet!

    Jamee – This may be a tad out of “midtown” but my favorite go to brunch whether hung over or if I just really need a great meal is Chargins (49th and J street). The staff is great, you can watch your favorite sports game on one of the multiple flat screens and the drinks are always flowing!  The most popular breakfast item on the menu is The Franks Fried Rice Special. Note: If you get there after 10:30 on a Sunday morning you may have to sigh sit at the bar for a few while you wait for a table. Chargins is a weekend brunch staple. Check it out and tell Cindy, I sent cha’!

    Julia – One of my favorite go-to brunch spots is Cafe Bernardo (multiple locations). I prefer the location on Capitol to the one on R, mainly because I prefer the atmosphere of the adjoining Monkey Bar to R15, and also because I swear that the food tastes better at that location. I can’t stray from ordering the breakfast burrito because it is so delicious. Another frequent stop is Orphan (3440 C Street). Everything on the menu is amazing, but my favorite is the Papas Loco. What is better than a plate of rosemary potatoes topped with beans, sour cream, jalapeños, avocado, and salsa served with a side of tortillas? I will tell you, nothing is better than this. Orphan’s only downfall is that I can’t get my bloody mary fix on there!

    Kellie – For vegetarians…and anyone really, my vote is for Fox and Goose (1001 R Street).  They have an entire section that’s Tofu Scrambles, and the majority of meat products can be replaced with spinach, tomato or tempeh.  Plus, the Olallieberry scones!?  With Devonshire cream. Yummy.  Gets crazy packed on the weekends and especially Sunday, so if you can manage an early bird brunch, you’re more likely to not end up with an hour wait.

    Kelly – Capitol Garage (1500 K Street) is an obvious choice. If the sweet potato hash is on the menu, order it! Another phenomenal brunch is at Iron Steaks (Broadway and 13th). You don’t have to wait for two hours to get a table and they have a huge brunch menu including lots of really interesting french toast options and bottomless mimosas.

    Laura – My new favorite brunch spot is Republic (908 15th Street). Now hear me out…are you likely to meet four of the ten worst men in Midtown any given Friday or Saturday night? YES. But on Saturday and Sunday (and especially during sporting events), the lights come on, the skee ball table is bumping, and their menu is to die for. My fave is the Chicken and Waffles Sandwich (Belguim style waffle with deep fried chicken with a spicy maple syrup) with Rosemary Tater Tots or (if I’m in the mood for lunch) the Mustang Sandwich (Korean beef with Kimchi, daikon, wasabi saracha aoli, provolone, and Swiss on sliced sweet french). They also have standard fare like omelets and biscuits/gravy. Other regulars include the Breakfast Burger at Capitol Garage (1500 K Street) and the Spinach Omelet at Pour House (1910 Q Street), which also just won the 2nd best Bloody Mary in California.

    Lisa – I love to try out new brunch spots, but the two I keep coming back to time and again are Café Bernardo (three locations, but preferably the one at R&15th) and Fox and Goose (1001 R Street). In my humble opinion, Café Bernardo has the best toast in town. I like to get an extra side of it with the eggs bernardo to sop up the hollandaise sauce – or I’ll go for the chicken apple sausage scramble. Right now they also have a butternut squash scramble, so try it while in season. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order there, which is probably why Bernardo has three spots on the grid now. I still remember going to the ONLY one at 28th & Capitol when I first moved to Sacramento over 10 years ago – yes, I’m dating myself. Kellie already covered Fox & Goose, but for the best non-vegetarian item on the menu, get the corned beef and hash. It’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g. ‘Nuf said.

    Lyndsey – My favorite brunch on the grid would have to be the breakfast pizza at 33rd Street Bistro (3301 Folsom Blvd). It’s flat bread the size of the plate topped with prosciutto, mozzarella and sunny side up eggs. I like to also add tomatoes. And of course like many other places they offer bottomless mimosas!!

    Paola – Cafe Bernardo (multiple locations) for sure. Their Amaretto French Toast with almonds is enough to get me out of bed on some not-so-easy-as-sunday mornings. Craving something savory? Try the Eggs Bernardo, the place’s own fab spin on the brunch staple.

    Rachel – If for some unforeseen reason I’m awake before bottomless mimosas end at 2PM, my first choice of places to go is actually Shari’s (960 Florin Road) in Greenhaven. I like any place that doesn’t force you to choose between breakfast and lunch. What if I want chicken nuggets with a side of eggs? I deserve the choice. But realistically, we all know that I’m far too lazy to make that seven-mile drive so the likeliest place I will be is Firestone for a side of bacon and 82 Vodka pineapples.

    Stacy – I love brunch so much, especially a spot with bottomless mimosas, but the place that I absolutely crave the most for brunch is Roxy Restaurant and Bar (2381 Fair Oaks Blvd). Their biscuits and gravy are AMAZING and the eggs benedict are something to write home about. The biscuits are cheddar biscuits and the eggs benedict is served on a potato cake instead of a traditional English muffin. I also have an insider’s tip … you can order ½ biscuits and gravy and ½ eggs benedict, so you get one of each for the same price.